12 Gifts to Give the Nurse in Your Life

12 Gifts to Give the Nurse in Your Life

Set them up with the Essentials for Before, During, and After their Shifts!

Holy gumdrops, folks — the holidays are just around the corner! Meaning it’s time to kick start your somewhat-dreaded, easily-procrastinated holiday preparations. Gift giving is hard, we get it! 

That’s why we went ahead and did the work for you this year! If you’re a healthcare professional yourself, or you have a nurse, doctor, nursing student, etc. in your life, never fear — BALA’s 2022 Gift Guide is here. Curated by our BALA Unit members (real healthcare professionals from across the country), this 12-item list makes gift giving easy with excellent pre-shift, mid-shift, and post-shift gifts for you or your loved one to enjoy. 

Maybe you’ll grab some world-class coffee for your night shift BFF to brew before work. Or, maybe you’ll snag them a pair of shift-saving BALA Twelves! No matter the item, these gifts are meant to show your beloved, valued, deserving family member or friend that you support them. So, without further ado, let’s get to the list!


“I love getting coffee. Before my night shifts I need my caffeine fix to keep me energized all night long.” — Courtney M.

For a lot of us, a little dose of caffeine is an essential part of our daily routine. For healthcare professionals, however, caffeine is a CRUCIAL part of their daily routines — especially if they plan on working for twelve hours straight. And of course, given the incredibly important work that they’re doing, members of the healthcare community deserve good coffee. Nay, GREAT coffee — coffee like these six holiday blends crafted by top roasters around the US!

Sunrise Alarm Clock, Ulta Beauty 

“I’d love a sun alarm! It’s hard working odd hours going into the darker months. Alarms that gently light up and mimic the sunrise are so cool and make waking up a little easier before a twelve hour shift.” — Amanda S. 

I think we can all agree — your typical, obnoxious, ear-ringing alarm can be, well… alarming. Especially if you’re attempting to wake up at 6:00AM to head to your all-day shift in the ICU. 

That’s where this Sunrise Alarm Clock from Ulta Beauty comes into play! This multi-purpose alarm clock naturally and peacefully wakes up its user by gradually illuminating + simulating the sunrise. It also comes with fifteen naturally-recorded environmental + white noise sounds meant to help your mind and body relax — which could really be useful after particularly hard shifts, too.

Insulated Lunch Box, Hydro Flask 

I’m going to be asking for a cute lunchbox! I think this will help motivate me to pack my lunch!” — Claire D.

With its lightweight insulation, this eight liter lunchbox from Hydro Flask keeps your lunch and snacks cold for hours on end. Which, for a nurse, doctor, or student, could be extremely valuable considering that lunchtime doesn’t ALWAYS come when it’s supposed to. This lunchbox may also motivate the healthcare worker in your life to pack a good and healthy lunch before they head out to their shift (like Claire)! Sounds like a win, win to us. 

(Pro-tip: snag a lunch box that matches their Shade Grey or Daybreak Blue BALA Twelves!)

Garmin Vivoactive 4S Smart Watch, REI

“I CANNOT live without my smart watch. I know my shift isn’t going to go well if I forget it at home. It’s a necessity for me.”- Kayla L.

With its waterproof exterior, long-lasting battery, and comfortable fit, this smart watch from Garmin easily handles any on-shift challenge. And, with its all-day health-monitoring features, this Garmin Vivocative 4S watch helps healthcare professionals take care of themselves, while simultaneously caring for their patients. It’s a pretty cool gadget, if you ask us!


Air Porous Point Pens, uni-ball

“I need to have a good pen to survive on my shifts! Having a good pen can sometimes be the difference on whether or not I have a good shift versus a bad shift haha!” — Jonathan L.

Okay, here’s the deal. This pen is SO smooth, it’s quite literally going viral. Meaning, your friend or family member NEEDS this pen if they’re taking vigorous notes on shift or in class. We’re not kidding — check TikTok! 

Rambler 20oz Travel Mug, Yeti 

“I love my Yeti Tumbler. It keeps me hydrated!” — Emily A.

20oz. Leak resistant. Keeps coffee hot, and water ice-cold all shift long. Need I say more? 

Custom Notepad, Zazzle 

I’m asking for a small notepad for taking patient notes! I seem to be replacing one every few months or so.” — Wilson V. 

On shift, notepads are essential. But custom notepads? Now those aren’t just a need, they’re a want! On Zazzle.com you can customize a notepad specifically for the RN you’re gifting it to. Believe us, the only thing better than a regular gift is a personalized gift! 

Custom Blue Light Glasses, Warby Parker

“I need blue light glasses! So much charting and spending time at a computer has my eyes in pain. Bonus points if they can double as goggles.” — Kelsey F. 

Thought that blue light glasses were only good gifts for your WFH, corporate-world pals? Think again! Nurses and doctors spend TONS of time on screens and need bluelight glasses to protect their eyes just as much as anyone. Kelsey certainly agrees! 


Beyond Scrubs Happiness Collection Bliss 2 Pocket Zip Front Jacket, scrubs & beyond

“Besides my BALAs, I can't live without comfortable zip up jackets or warm underscrubs especially during the winter season because for some reason hospital thermostats are never consistent (ha!).” — Sarah F. 

As Sarah said herself, having extra layers on shift is always important. Having extra layers for the commute home is also essential — especially during these upcoming chilly winter months! With scrubs & beyond’s Bliss Zippy from their Happiness Collection, the healthcare professional you’re buying for will stay warm on and off shift, no matter the temperature outside OR inside


Stanley Ice-Flow Straw Tumbler, REI 

“A Stanley cup! Nurses have a hard time hydrating themselves and could go a whole shift without drinking! This cup has made a huge difference for me.” — Olga A. 

After walking, sprinting, standing, and squatting all shift long, it’s important the nurse in your life stays hydrated! Give them this Stanley Tumbler this holiday season, and odds are, you’re going to help them do just that. 


“Compression socks!” — Nicole P.

When we asked Nicole P. what she was asking for this holiday season, she didn’t hesitate! Nicole’s looking for compression socks that will help her feet stay comfortable all shift long. These socks paired with her BALA Twelves, too? Now that’s some serious all-shift comfort! 

Colleen Hoover Book Bundle, Amazon 


“I can’t live without having a good book when I have some (rare) downtime.” — Halee L.

With this collection of hard-to-put-down novels from Colleen Hoover, your hard-working friends or family members can immerse themselves in juicy, drama-filled stories no matter what happened during their shifts. There’s really nothing like getting lost in a book, especially after a hard day’s work! 

There you have it, friends — BALA’s 2022 Gift Guide for the nurse in YOUR life! And remember, there are SO many other ways you can send love to a nurse this holiday season, too. For example, make them a home cooked meal. Invite them over for a wine night. Pack their lunch. Send them a kind and spontaneous text message. Have a spa day! Be a listening ear. Or, snag them a pair of BALA Twelves :) 

Whatever it is, we’re sure that your gift or gesture is going to mean a lot to them. And of course, our gift guide will help to get you started. Happy holidays, all!