About The BALA Team

Our Mission + Values

At BALA, we stand for people like you — hard working, resilient, inspiring healthcare professionals. 

Day in and day out, you make it happen. You help the team first. You stay humbly confident, and you tirelessly strive to learn and improve. Here at BALA, we intend to do the same — your values are our values.

At the end of the day, it’s your incredible ability to BALAnce your professional, personal, physical, and emotional lives that inspires us. With the BALA Twelves, we aim to help you continue to achieve that balance from the ground up, giving you space to focus on what matters — your patients. You take care of us, we’ll take care of your feet.

Make it Happen.

Team > Self.

Be Humbly Confident. 

Always Learn + Improve.

Our Story

Established: September 2020
Home Base
: Portland, Oregon

Back before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our team of veteran footwear-industry professionals —- led by BALA co-founders Brian Lockard and John Eberle — joined together to design a performance shoe geared towards one specific audience:

The determined, unwavering, resilient, healthcare professional. 

Of course, our process began with meeting + listening + problem solving with healthcare workers just like you. We met with hundreds of nurses, doctors, students, etc. across the United States, determined to create a shoe that actually serves you. After we heard your stories, and listened to your suggestions, we tirelessly worked to create a shoe meant to face the many rigors of the twelve hour shift — the sitting, the standing, and of course, the fluid. 

Thus, the BALA Twelves were born. Designed with a system of dynamic features — the fluid-resistant Shift Shield, squeak-free Code Grip, supportive Active Arch Assist, and compressive Knit Fit — the Twelves have helped healthcare professionals like you forget about their feet, so they can focus on their patients in any situation. 

When it comes down to it, the BALA Twelves are meant to help you stay emotionally + physically BALAnced. No matter what your shift or life brings.

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