BALA Footwear Steps Into Scrubs & Beyond

BALA Footwear Steps Into Scrubs & Beyond

Banding together to serve healthcare professionals like you — online, and now for the FIRST time, in Scrubs & Beyond stores.

Written by Brian Lockard, Edited by Katie Gilbert


As a company, we’re at our best when we’re 1) listening to the healthcare community we serve and 2) contributing to the great work that’s already happening. Our focus on the healthcare community enables us to create the BALA Unit, make product donations via the American Nurses Association, and support wellness initiatives through our friends at the Oregon Center for Nursing.

In March 2022, I had the opportunity to travel to New Jersey to have lunch with one of our wonderful community partners, Dr Margarita DavidDr. Margarita is hard work, brilliance, and achievement personified. She spent years working as a bedside nurse, as a teacher at various universities, AND she runs a business mentoring nursing students through school. 

Naturally I was grateful she found time to fit me into her schedule. 

Shortly into our lunch, she told me BALA was not reaching its potential selling online only. “I tell all my students to go to Scrubs & Beyond to get what they need. You should be there too”, she said. 

Message received. 

Over the next few months we connected with leadership at Scrubs & Beyond, learned they have a wonderful staff committed to serving healthcare professionals, and began working on launching BALAs in their stores. 

At BALA we believe you — the resilient, dedicated, inspiring healthcare community — deserve to have amazing products that make you feel comfortable and supported all day long. We also believe that you should be able to shop for those products in places that create great experiences and serve all of your needs. We chose to work with Scrubs & Beyond because it is clear that we can do that better in partnership with their wonderful team all over the country. 

Thank you for the opportunity to work in your service. 
Brian Lockard
Co-Founder, BALA Footwear