Best Gifts for Nurses 2021

Gift guide for nurses and healthcare workers

We asked nurses in our community what gifts they'd love to receive this holiday season. Here's what they came up with!

BALA Twelves

Give the gift of easier shifts with a pair of our iconic nurse shoes, BALA Twelves. Snug, sturdy, supportive, wipe-clean, slip-resistant, and lighter than air, BALA Twelves are the shoes nurses deserve because nurses helped us to create them. If you don't know your loved one's size, we also offer gift cards in denominations of $50, $100, and $150. 

Care+Wear Scrubs

Our brand partner, Care+Wear, got its start making medical wearables for disabled and chronically ill people. We love their mission and were thrilled when they ventured into the scrubs market! In collaboration with Natori, Care+Wear offers sleek scrubs in soft, antimicrobial fabrics. We think they look great with a pair of our signature nursing shoes, Twelves, and would be the perfect upgrade for a stylish nurse this holiday season. 

Scrub jacket

Is the nurse in your life always freezing thanks to their hospital's industrial AC? A nurse we surveyed recommended investing in a new scrub jacket for your loved one–– it'll keep them cozy and can be washed with their scrubs after a long day at the hospital.

Badge reel 

There's not much room for personality in a set of scrubs, so some nurses in our community suggested gifting a new badge reel that'll allow your nurse to show off what they love. Independent sellers–– some of them nurses themselves–– offer thousands of unique, handmade options on Etsy, making the site a go-to for one of our nurse friends.

Water bottle

Help the nurse in your life stay hydrated through busy shifts with an insulated bottle that'll keep their water cold all day. One nurse suggested a bottle with a flip-out straw for quick, effortless water breaks.

Compression socks

The perfect companion to a pair of BALA Twelves? A pair of compression socks. Together, they'll work to alleviate the pain and pressure that build up in your nurse's feet over the course of a long shift. One nurse noted that compression socks tend to wear out quickly, so they always make a great gift!


Massage or spa gift card 

Nearly every nurse we asked wanted one thing above all: a massage. The options here are endless–– try a gift card to their favorite masseuse, or even a day trip to a spa, so they can go all-in with a facial and a manicure, too. If you're on a budget, you might book them a foot massage at a local nail salon, or snag a home massage tool for instant relief. 

P.S. If your loved one's not a fan of massages, one of the nurses in our community suggested a session or two in a float tank might…float their boat.

Upgraded coffee set-up

The number two request from the nurses in our community this holiday season? Coffee, in any way, shape, or form. Help to fuel the nurse in your life with a gift card to their coffee shop of choice, or boost their at-home coffee set-up with a new electric kettle or high-tech coffee maker.

Easy meals

After a 12 hour shift, the last thing many nurses want to do is cook an elaborate dinner or deal with a sinkful of dishes. One nurse we asked said they'd love to receive a gift card to a favorite restaurant or a food delivery service. They also suggested that a subscription to a meal prep service could be a great option for a nurse who loves to cook but is short on time!

Outings beyond the city 

For the nurse who'd like nothing more than to get outside: offer to arrange a hike or camping trip away from the hustle and bustle. A local nurse reminded us that a breath of fresh air and a beat of exercise could make all the difference to a stressed nurse's mental health, and we couldn't agree more. Planning an easy day trip? Be sure to bring a pair of Twelves along! We've found that they're not only superior nursing shoes, but also a great option for low-impact walks (even in the rain).

Donation to a free clinic 

One nurse we spoke to preferred to give a gift than receive one, and suggested that their loved ones donate to a free medical or street medicine clinic in their name. As winter storms and freezing temperatures approach in much of the US, there's no better time to ensure that your homeless neighbors are able to access proper healthcare. In Oregon, where BALA is based, you might donate to Portland Street Medicine, Equi Institute, Outside In, White Bird Clinic, or a whole host of other organizations dedicated to supporting all neighbors, no matter their circumstances.