Saved By The BALAs

Episode 1 - ShiftShield To the Rescue

Episode 1 - ShiftShield To the Rescue

“I’ve come to the realization that I’ll touch anything as long as I have gloves on.” — Unknown Healthcare Professional


If you work in healthcare yourself…odds are you can relate. Whether you’re in pediatrics, labor and delivery, or long term care, you’ve probably had some sort of encounter with nearly every fluid that drips, flows, and spews from the human body. Nowadays, hardly anything is really that gross to you. 

Still, it’s not like you want any of the urine or blood you come across on the job to permanently stain your clothing and non-waterproof athletic shoes — especially if you still have ten hours of work left. 

Enter the BALA Twelves — here to save your shift with their specially designed, water, pee, puke, puss, (enter fluid here)-resistant Shift Shield. Time and time again, the Twelve’s fluid-fighting outer layer has rescued nurses, doctors, life-specialists, and students just like you from nasty spills with just a sanitary wipe. 

Here are a few real stories from our BALA Unit members — dedicated, resilient, and inspiring healthcare professionals just like you — about a time the Shift Shield REALLY saved their shift:

Question: What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever gotten on your BALAs during a shift?

  • Sara — Med Surg. Canada
  • Answer: “At my work our IV cathlons don't have the valve to stop blood from flowing out after insertion... So when I inserted a fresh 18g in the JUICIEST vein, guess whose shoes got covered in blood... I'm so happy that cavi wipes are easy to use on BALA's!” 

  • Jessica C. — HIV/LBGTQI Clinic. Texas
  • Answer: “OMG. I was pivoting a patient from bed to the chair. The patient started hugging me — not just the pivot hug, and he started crying. Of course, I hugged him back. Then I hear the classic sound of peeing. I didn’t even flinch because I knew my BALAs were fluid resistant. I could just wipe them down with a sani-cloth!”

  • Nicole P. — Critical Care. Nevada
  • Answer: After taking a patient to MRI, while transferring them back to the bed, somehow between the transporter and the technician — the patient’s (very full) foley bag fell and splashed all over the ground! This was my first real incident while wearing my BALA shoes, as I am usually very careful. But I can definitely say the cleanup process was so easy — as a quick antibacterial wipe swipe!”

  • Dylan L. — Student. Pennsylvania
  • Answer: “I’d say the grossest thing I’ve gotten on my BALAs would be puke. But, with the Shift Shield I didn’t have to worry. I just wiped them off and washed them!”

    Now, you might be asking yourself… “What's the grossest thing I’ve ever encountered on my shift?” If you have a great (or nasty) story to share, send it our way at! We’d love to read them, and who knows…. your story might be featured too! 

    Shift Shield saves shifts. Hard to say three times fast, easy to believe. Next time a spill happens, with a pair of BALA Twelves on your feet, all you gotta do is wipe the fluid away to reclaim your day. It’s that easy!